• Beauty Therapy
  • For the times when your body
  • AND mind need extra attention!

Beauty Therapy

Feeling run down? Beauty Therapy can chance the way you look AND the way you feel!

With the help of our new Beauty Salon, our experienced and highly qualified staff a pleased to be able to offer you the highest quality services including:

Our specialists use a range of Beauty Therapies to promote the health and well being of all our customers, helping them to look fabulous on the outside and feel rejuvenated and alive on the inside!

We all need an up lift every now and again. Stressful jobs and hard times really put us under pressure, making us feel tired, off colour and generally run down.

This is where most people would say "Girl, you need a holiday!" but this is where we say "Girl, you need some Beauty Therapy!"

Beauty treatments such as Aromatherapy and Massage can really be the boost you need and it is SO much cheaper than a holiday!

We offer a high quality Beauty Therapy service covering all our customers’ needs. These can be as simple as a Back Massage or a more in-depth Aromatherapy consultation. Looking after the inner you is just as important as looking after your appearance. Our skin treatments such as Facials and Peels could also help with skin problems such as overly greasy skin or a breakout of spots that is really getting you down.

We also offer Tanning services for those who just love that beautiful sun kissed look all year round. We use safe methods to literally make you glow with beauty and confidence whether you’re in the modelling industry or just want that extra boost for your big weekend out!

We also offer Non Surgical Face Lifts and Micro Dermabrasion, Botox and Collagen Fillers administered by a medical practitioner by appointment.

With our Party Packages you can enjoy a range of Beauty treatments either alone or with your friends! Why not have a look at our Party Packages page and get in contact with New Shades for full details and bookings!